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Adopt the Maki Strategy

After an incident in his world, Ned, the masked koala with striped socks, finds himself climbing from floor to floor a hermit’s tower by storing deliciously large makis that block his path and control access to the following floors.

Can you help Ned find his way through this maze and soothe the hermit’s wrath?

We Need You

We plan to release Enigmaki this winter on mobile, tablet, and PC. However, developping a game filled with hundreds of delicious makis makes us hungry! And if we can’t eat when we’re hungry, we can’t develop Enigmaki!

Hopefully, there is a solution! We are launching soon a crowdfunding campaign, so you can help us pay our salaries. In exchange, and in addition to our eternal thanks, we are preparing a whole bunch of rewards!

Oh, and… did we mention this game is going to be open source? Yes, code and assets! From release! More on that later.

So… What is this game?

Enigmaki is a puzzle game for one player, designed to be played on mobile, tablet, and PC.

This game is renewing the old classic sokoban puzzles, with new mechanics, quests, a fresh and unique universe, etc. We want you to feel challenged in your observation, reasoning, and memory skills and take pleasure from overcoming complex situations.

Moving Makis

In essence, the gameplay of Enigmaki is about moving makis, and when you have placed each maki onto its plate, you can move to the next level. There are different types of makis: an avocado maki moves by one square at a time, while a salmon maki slides until blocked by an obstacle; a comet maki can destroy some obstacles after an acceleration, and haunted makis all move at once: moving one will move all of them.

Playing With Obstacles

Here again, there are different sorts of obstacles: some can be destroyed, some not; some will come back to their initial position and others will let the player pass when a certain condition is met.

Helping the Creatures

The creatures who have already asked you to climb the levels of their tower have many other problems, and will give you small quests to complete. This might be to find a lost item, complete a level with certain constraints… these are always of the upmost importance, of course!