The Imaginary Friends Society

Well Met, Friend!

by Alexandre on Jun 3, 2017

Finally, here we are: the first post. What a glorious moment, isn’t it? After all this time, letting our fingers dance on the keyboard to write to our beloved audience… Fabulous!

First things first, though. We are the Imaginary Friends Society, and we’re truly glad to meet you. Please, remove that coat, take a seat. In this comfortable armchair, yes. It’s for you. Maybe will you want some tea? In the meantime, make yourself at home. Welcome on our humble blog.

You see, this is our development blog. The backstage to our project, and our recreational area. In this place, you shall find all sorts of things: drawings, quotes from our conversations, weird commit messages, our inspirations, and, of course, review and announcements about our projects, progress reviews, and so on.

Oh, the tea seems ready. Let me pour it for you. Do you want some lemon, with it? Here… Careful, it’s still hot.

Where were we … ah, yes: our blog. Maybe have you read Eric Raymond’s The Cathedral & the Bazaar? Well, we prefer the bazaar: we show you everything, and you pick what pleases you the most. The good moments, the lessons we learnt from the bad one, the extravagant ideas, the weird solutions, the inaccessible dreams… Everything.

We hope you will enjoy our company!