The Imaginary Friends Society

Striped Socks and Moving Makis

by Alexandre on Jun 14, 2017

Ned, the masked koala with striped socks, wakes up. Something must have gone south, as he doesn’t recognise this strange forest… He wanders for a while, but nothing appeared familiar.

Finally, our friend discovers a land where buildings replace trees… Entities come from these buildings, but they aren’t known to Ned. They stir around him. The koala touches them, but fail to uncover their code; wouldn’t these creatures be provided with?

Strangely, he understands their language, he already had it in his packages. They often come about the words ‘angry hermit,’ ‘soothe’ and ‘help us.’ He would ask them if he still operates in the Numerocosm and, if not, how to get there, but Ned can’t speak. He suddenly realises that the creatures have pushed him inside one of the buildings. The doors close behind him.

Ned finds himself climbing from floor to floor a hermit’s tower by storing deliciously large makis that block his path and control access to the following levels.

This story begins like many others: a few friends, sharing ideas. As we were musing around that strange idea of a masked koala with striped socks, it became obvious this little friend of ours would enjoy makis. Some more musing, and appeared some more creatures, the hermitage and its surrounding… Soon enough, a first concept for Enigmaki took shape. We developed a prototype with some more friends, and … life brought us apart.

After a few years, we had (slightly) more maturity, and our will to work on Enigmaki was intact. We gathered a fresh team, our little Fellowship of the Makis, and we dived onto production. Refined design intentions, new game features, better visuals, a more modern engine … novelty abounds.

This begs the question: ‘What is this game, in the end?’ Well, Enigmaki renews the classical Sokoban with a fresh universe, additional mechanics, and hundreds of puzzles, all of that on your mobile, tablet, or PC.

Here, though, your goal isn’t to store boxes, but huge and delicious makis, with different characteristics: avocado makis move by one square at a time; salmon makis only stop when reaching another object; and so on… You will find crates, too, which will be in your way … alongside many obstacles.

In the end, we truly hope you will love scratching your head on Enigmaki’s puzzles as much as we do. If you want to know more, please check the dedicated page on our website.